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Foley and Company, Inc. is a government and public relations, legislative advocacy, political consulting, and business development organization established in 1986 with Washington DC, Annapolis MD, and Los Angeles CA area offices.

In addition to the creation of Federal legislative, Executive branch, and State issues and projects to be resolved in favor of the client’s goals, Foley Government Relations performs State and Federal sector contract identification, procurement opportunity creation, and project tracking services. These capabilities have also included target import market studies. The firm’s principals use wide-ranging experience levels and unique networks of professional and government contacts to resolve and advocate matters on a variety of client issues.  A comprehensive summary of recently completed projects and successful public law development is available.

As noted briefly above, Foley & Company is a government relations and public sector procurement targeting organization. The firm has represented private and public sector interests before the Executive Branch and the US Congress on many different matters since 1986. We presently have three full-time senior associates and two part-time government relations and marketing assistants working with the firm. Currently, we represent two medium-sized West Coast cities on public works funding matters under consideration by the Congress and the Executive Branch. We also represent several high technology, manufactured products, and electronic commerce service firms on procurement matters before the Executive branch Departments and Agencies.

Our firm performs: Federal and State contract, subcontract, and team targeting; procurement opportunity creation where needed for new technologies; supportive public affairs with the local and national media; and, project tracking services to ensure successful public and private sector marketing results. In other words, over the last two decades we have: (1) Identified the correct personnel for client marketing opportunities with Federal and State governments; (2) Quickly solved Federal and State regulatory and related problems; and (3) Efficiently created and secured contracts for our clients."

Please contact us by electronic mail or by telephone so that we may review in greater detail your government and related marketing goals and how we can help you smoothly reach them. We will answer any questions you may have.

For reference, our email address is And telephone is (301) 294-0937. Thank you for visiting our site and reviewing this information about Foley Government and Public Affairs .

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